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Craniosacral Therapy

How does CST work?

Our bodies are constantly in motion looking after us, working all day and night to perform processes to keep us alive, following the instructions and immense intelligence embedded in our DNA. These motions can perhaps be seen most obviously in our breathe, but as well as the breathe, our bodies have other tides of motions, expressed by our cerebrospinal fluid which are much more subtler. It is these more subtle tides of motion which are are palpated by a Craniosacral practitioner.


When the practitioner connects with these tides of motion, they begin an exchange with the body's intelligence and its innate orientation towards health. By observing where these tides of motion hold less vitality within the body system and offering presence and focused attention, the body is given the support to remember its blueprint of health. This focus on the body's inherent health rather than the patterns of survival, which can build up over our lives, distort our wellbeing and feeling quite dominating, gives the body a chance to let go a little bit of ongoing pain and dis-ease.  Whether that dis-ease is from an old injury, illness, traumatic experience, stress or whatever else may be being held in the system and be causing feelings of unease, disconnection or low moods, distracting the system from its health and depleting its resources. CST works with your system to offer it more space, ease and cohesion. 

This can feel deeply nourishing for our systems, especially in a world where we are constantly in physical motion and perhaps don't give our systems the stillness, love and support that they might be needing.

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