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My Journey

My journey with Craniosacral Therapy was born out of the loss of connection with myself and with life. I was living life in the fast lane as a technician on world music tours, but each day I awoke with the feeling that something deep in my core was missing, however I had no idea what. All I knew is that I was deeply unhappy, anxious and lost in a world that felt terrifying and didn’t feel like home.

So began the journey inward, back home. Craniosacral Therapy opened the doorways, it held, supported and connected me to my heart, body and self. It showed me the depths of myself that wanted to be seen and explored, all the parts of myself that I’d been denying.

I found the more I could bring compassion and curiosity to whatever arose in my inner world, the more the outer world would feel less overwhelming. It’s this tender journey inwards that Craniosacral therapy encourages and facilitates. Through this process I found a sense of empowerment, belonging and love... a sense of peace.

My Approach

I believe in bringing each person into deeper relationship with their body, to support safety, embodiment and inner clarity, so my sessions are a collaborative process, we explore the landscapes and sensations of your body together.


Using  CST alongside the Somatic Experiencing model, we explore, listen and support your body to find a greater connection to its own resources, resilience and regulation.

I am certified with CSTA and I am deeply committed to my own personal development and have regular supervision to support and enrich my practice.

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My qualifications and training

- Registered Craniosacral Therapist with the CSTA

- Intro to Somatic Experiencing, SOS Internationale

- Currently on the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Training, SOS Internationale

- Hands on Trauma with Katherine Ukleje, Circle Cranio

- Trauma Unravelled, Tanya Desfontaines, Forest School of Biodynamics

- Craniosacral Therapy at CCST, London, Dip 

- Certificate in Counselling, Iron Mill 

- Keys to Self-Forming, Jim Feil, CET

- Foundations of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy - Tanya Desfontaines 

- First Aid, OneLife

- Featured on Mamma Wellbeing

CCST College_of_Craniosacral_Therapy_London
Iron_Mill_Exeter Counselling_Course student study
CSTA Craniosacral_Therapy_Association Registered_Therapist
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