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How could CST help me?

Nervous System Regulation

In today's society constant stimulation and pressures can mean many of us live with a highly activated nervous system. This can manifest as difficulty sleeping, IBS, high blood pressure and emotional stress. Craniosacral Therapy supports the autonomic nervous system to regulate and helps to bring ease to these processes

Release Tension

Throughout life, we accumulate areas of physical and emotional tension which over time can cause dis-ease in the body, CST supports the body to release this tension, realign and find balance. 

Balance and Relief

Sometimes we can just feel out of sorts, unbalanced, detached and disconnected from ourselves. CST can bring us back into relationship with our centre and midline giving our system  the opportunity to rebalance and giving us a sense of profound relief and ease.


It's so easy to spend all day in our head with thoughts that just  seem to go round and round. CST helps to settle your mind and support you to drop into your body. Also by giving time to connect with your body and the more subtle processes that are taking places, CST can help restore a more embodied sense of being and a more cohesive relationship between the body and mind.

Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing helps to safely process patterns of survival that are still present in the nervous system. It works with dialoging and the felt sense to connect with the body and develop a sense of inner safety and emotional regulation. 


Sometimes we feel drained, exhausted and we're not sure what we need to feel restored. It  could be our human need to just need to feel seen, heard and supported. CST offers your system a space to resource itself and for you to feel deeply nourished.

Craniosacral Therapy and Retreats

I also offer Craniosacral Therapy in retreat and event settings. I work in partnership with another CST practitioner, Liz Kirk-Channing, together we offer multi-hand and 1:1 sessions.


These sessions are a powerful way for participants to connect to themselves emotionally and spiritually, as well as physically ease tensions and discomfort.

Multihands are a unique offering and something we both love being able to facilitate. Supporting healing with another practitioner can provide a field of great balance, spaciousness and love which allows deep nourishment and healing to take place.





"I started having craniosacral with Kirsty when I was about 6 months pregnant and I will always remember how incredible that first session was, my daughter was so active in such a beautiful way throughout the session and I hold that as one of my favourite memories of feeling so connected to her in the womb, I had craniosacral right up to the end of my pregnancy and it cultivated so much peace and warmth within me that I think it subconsciously helped prepare me for birth and motherhood, by having that time to really be still and feel the subtleties of my body and my baby. Kirsty would regularly check in with how I was feeling throughout the sessions, making sure I was comfortable and would help me move if I needed to. I continued having craniosacral after my daughter was born which was very healing, Kirsty is so patient and gentle, in one of our sessions my daughter slept against my chest throughout as she wouldn’t settle alone, this session also holds still as a beautiful memory. I have always felt so safe and held by Kirsty and recommend her services to anyone.”
Esme Rose with Nila  - Mumma and Artist
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